My Work


I love working on different wrappers, code snippets and just usefull stuff in general for people, but I do love working on different small projects myself as well


All my work is hosted from my personal server, it isn't in a datacenter where other people have access to the data, I personally take the responsability to take care of any data that I do store, especially for


An awesome MineCraft server I'm working on with a couple of friends, we're having a blast customizing everything and creating an unique user experience!

Check it out here

A simple yet powerful file sharing service, I am trying to keep the main functionality as light and fast as possible with users being able to just open the website, drag and drop a file and then get their link to share. I am also looking into expanding this idea and giving it the ability of doing such things as secure text transfer and auto destructive messages, email tracking and more!

Check it out here