Hey There!

Welcome to by website, my name is `Kato Twofold`, this is a personal website for me to put all of my projects for the world to see and also give people the possibility to find out more about me or even where to Contact me


I work as a Full-Stack Developer for different companies, I mainly handle Backend Code in languages such as C++, php, golang, NodeJS or many others. Over at the Frontend I mainly use JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS I have dabbed in ReactJS and VueJS as well as AngularJS but usually I stick to the classic, trusted php + html + css + javascript, my belief is that if you know the basics very well you can catch on to any library out there in a short time (Tried and tested!)

From the above text I guess you can tell that I've basically tried them all but that's not the only things I've tried out/worked in! I have maintained a MariaDB replicating node-based custom system designed by myself as well as take care of anything Server Related, I preffer installing some kind of Linux distribution on all of my servers, but that's just personal preference as I can easily manage Windows Server as well just as easily.

There are a couple of frameworks I can say I have mastered such as Code Igniter 3 and Code Igniter 4 since these provide me with the most control over my code and act as a nice assistant to keep track of where my things are! I really like Laravel and Symphony for their advanced features but I don't usually bite more than I can chew and always keep the scope of the project in mind ( such as this website ) and I end up either using a very light weight framework such as Code Igniter 3 or simply build everything from scratch.

Now when it comes to languages such as Java or C# I talk a lot with the team to decide what to do, I really enjoy hearing people's opinions and seeing what the best option is based on team effort. An example would be when me and a team started working on a Java program and ended up switching to JavaFX since a lot of us were familiar with CSS and wanted to take full advantage of our abilities.


My Hobbies

I just love learning new stuff, now that doesn't limit me to new programming languages or the IT environment, I actually love drawing and have even taken multiple Design Classes, it's kind of ironic that I can be half-decent at paper drawing but I suck so bad at drawing with a graphics tablet, maybe I just haven't practiced enough 🤔
I've actually bought quite a lot of electronics as well, since I just love playing with those, and yes, I got an Arduino ( a couple actually ) with them plus a couple Raspberry Pi Zero W just to learn some new skills with those, actually put them to good in a couple different occasions such as keeping track of different sensor values(temperature, humidity, pressure, etc... ) from my home.

I love open source software, I use it so much and so often, the whole community as a whole is amazing most of the time as well. Right now my website is using a FOSS Language, Framework and packages for said language.

I'm the kind of guy that will always try and fit in the requirements and improve said requirements to the maximum instead of adding 1000 useless features that no one needs only to have 1000 useless low quality features, this website is a perfect example, it's been created in Code Igniter 3 plus a MarkDown processor to write all those pages!



My native tongue is Romanian, I actually preffer English and can perfectly speak/write/understand it, even those Shakespearian expressions. Right now I am learning German and am loving it!